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Filson Rolltop Backpack Otter Green

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  • RWS10303
Filson Rolltop Backpack Tan Filson Rucksäcke werden immer wieder in verschiedenen Varianten... mehr
Produktinformationen "Filson Rolltop Backpack Otter Green"

Filson Rolltop Backpack Tan

Filson Rucksäcke werden immer wieder in verschiedenen Varianten angeboten. Egal ob eine kleinere Ausführung oder ein großer Filson Ranger Backpack, für jeden Geschmack und Bedarf findet sich das entsprechende Modell.

This roomy backpack has a snap-closure top that rolls down to keep out dust and debris. Adjustable straps cinch down the sides, so it's as large as it needs to be to fit your gear. The no-spill front pocket has a fold over flap to secure smaller items even when the pocket is open. Bridle Leather shoulder straps are padded and wool-lined for all-day comfort. The interior is fully lined with soft cotton, and features a padded back and interior laptop compartment. Best of all, it's built to last a lifetime, with our Rugged Twill and water-repellent Tin Cloth.


  • Roll-top snap and buckle closure
  • 1 no-spill snap pocket, 1 zipper pocket, 1 patch pocket, 2 interior utility pockets, interior laptop sleeve
  • Easy-access side entry exterior pocket
  • Padded back, shoulder straps and interior laptop compartment
  • Adjustable straps cinch down the sides so it can be as full or empty as you need
  • No-spill fold over flap pocket on front secures small items
  • Shoulder straps made with saddle-grade Bridle Leather sourced from North America and tanned in the USA
  • Fully lined with soft cotton to protect gear
Farbe: Olive
Material: Twill/Leather
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