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Red Wing Chukka 3148

Unlike other Red Wing boots, the chukka was designed for lighter, indoor work that includes bending, climbing and kneeling. Their crepe outsoles allowed these indoor workers to stay comfortable, while not scratching floors or making a mess. From the late 1950s and ‘60s, American fashion style became more rough and casual. Actual work denim work wear became one of the fashion trends. Ankle height work boots and Chukka work boots where developed and introduced to follow this casual trend.  At same time The Red Wing Shoe Compagny started to use the cushion crepe wedge sole for several work boots styles. The functional and novel outsole was incorporated in the Chukka that  was a new work boot at the time. The root of current chukka style #850 was also launched around the same time in 1954. The work chukka was worn mainly in lighter work or in the weekends for leisure and light outdoor activitys. In 2010 The Red Wing Shoe Compagny developed the Work Chukka in Black for the Japanees market. The Black Chrome leather on the 3148 is also used on really tough and rugged Red Wing boots as 2268 Engineer. The weight of the leather is HHH, this means 2.2-2.4 mm which is the thickest leather we use for Red Wing Heritage boots. This Style is a Red Wing Shoe Store exclusive.

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