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Red Wing 87519 Oro Harness Moc Toe - special - Upper Tier Release Information

we´re very excited to share this great news with you!
next week, we´ll launch our next Red Wing Special. The Red Wing 87519 "Oro Harness" Moc Toe / Upper Tier will be available from 18/07/2019/ thursday.
Oro Harness leather is a hybrid between Amber Harness and Oro Legacy.
This leather is made from Oro Legacy crust that was not approved at the tannery because the color was a bit off for our usual 875 boots. At the time we developed the 87519 boot there was 6.000 feet of this leather available create a new leather. This new leather became the new “Oro Harness” color. Rather than throwing out this leather, we re-worked into this special one-time leather application. This is the beauty of having our own tannery. We can utilize these opportunities to make unique and limited leather stories.
stay tuned for more info.
picture: @redwingheritage